Remembering Louis Cha aka 金庸

  • by lemuel moo

We lost two greats in the literacy world this year. Stan Lee, and my personal favorite, Louis Cha aka 金庸.

I wrote my Volume 1 afterword a month before Louis Cha passed away, and I credited him for the inspirations of Gale with my post. It saddened me greatly, because my childhood was made colorful with his writings. I can’t begin to tell you how many games I have played that was inspired by his novels, how many comic books I have read that illustrated his writings, and how many times I went to the library to read his works during my school years.

There’s enough said about Louis Cha’s passing. The news and the Chinese world mourned for him, and what I know of his life is probably pittance to what you know.

However, I can’t help but bring Louis Cha up before this year ends. I wasn’t fond of fiction writing in the past, because I thought we need more people with a sense of reality and logic.

Yet Louis Cha inspired pictures of what it could be if we believed. Louis Cha portrayed romance well where a hero had to wait 16 years to reunite with his sweetheart, and how a man would stand his ground against hundreds of enemies because of the conviction in his heart.

I’ve realized gradually that we need people who can dream, to ignite hope in this world.

Not everything turns out well and of course being a fiction, the author gets to act as God and portray happy endings at will.

Yet it’s with hope that keeps us going. A hope that we believe will materialize into reality.
That’s why writing has become important to me, and I thank Louis Cha for that.

Thanks for coloring my world, Louis Cha!

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