Chapter 29 – Kasumi’s Date

  • by lemuel moo

It was Saturday morning, and Kasumi was walking from the train station in town. Valerian was new to the city, so he asked her out to get personal camping supplies for their camping trip.

Kasumi tried to get Gale to come with her, but Gale promised Raine for an exclusive date. Everyone else she knew was busy. Thus Kasumi reluctantly agreed to meet Valerian alone, and Valerian could not hide his excitement in his text messages.

As Kasumi walked to meet Valerian, she saw him waiting with a cup of coffee in his hands. Valerian dressed very well, with polished shoes and a white jacket. He had luscious thick hair which complemented his sharp looks.

“Hey, Kasumi! You’re looking pretty good today!”

“Good afternoon, Valerian. Likewise.”

Kasumi dressed modestly, but she couldn’t hide her beauty. People were looking at them both and wondered if they were celebrities.

“So where do we start, Kasumi? Do you want to shop for your things first?”

Kasumi replied in a disinterested manner. “…That’s not necessary. I’m here to bring you around the city and then we’re going to get camping supplies for the trip.”

“This feels exciting! I can’t wait to have a camping trip with you too!”

Kasumi wasn’t trying hard to stay aloof. She was aloof because she was used to men trying to flatter her and earn brownie points with her. She appreciated the handsome looks of Valerian, but that was as far as it went. Valerian realized Kasumi wasn’t the typical kind of girl that would swoon after Valerian, and he was impressed inwardly.

Little did Valerian know, he accidentally picked the spot where Kasumi, Clere, and Gale had a date together before. As they walked around, Kasumi fondly reminisced the fun times she had with Gale. Valerian spotted an amusement center from a distance and asked Kasumi if she cared for a plushy.

“Oh, no but thank you.” Kasumi courteously declined, and Valerian became deep in thought.

“I’ve heard from the other teachers that you’re single, Kasumi. Is that true?”

Kasumi and Gale weren’t official, and Gale was trying his best not to offend Raine because of his secret. Thus, she wanted to wait until it was ripe to declare their relationship publicly.

However, with Valerian’s question, Kasumi was having second thoughts. She wanted Gale to shield her from men’s advances, and she wished to be public with Gale.

“You’re right, in a way.”

“In a way? That means you’ve someone whom you fancy, is it?” Valerian asked.

“That’s right.”

“He must be an incredible guy for you to like.”

“Indeed, he is.”

Valerian was surprised that Kasumi was such a straight-shooter and he struggled to continue the conversation. He was also intrigued by her love interest, and determined in his heart to find out more.

Kasumi remained courteous and avoided the topic by suggesting places of interest to explore as they walked around. Valerian noticed the aquarium and pretended to go to the restroom. He returned to Kasumi with a pair of tickets and asked Kasumi to go with him.

“Since it’s still early, let’s take some time to enjoy ourselves, shall we?”

Kasumi heaved a sigh and relented. As she looked at the ticket, she remembered Gale again. She was hoping to spot him while exploring the city, but it was futile.

Valerian and Kasumi explored the aquarium, and he noticed that Kasumi was deep in thought.

“What’re you thinking about?”

“Oh, nothing. I was here with a couple of students, so it brings me back.”

“You’re a dedicated teacher, aren’t you?”

“I’m just a combat instructor, not a teacher teaching academics.”

At that moment, Hideki dropped a message to Kasumi, and she held up her mobile phone to read it. The background photo of the phone was a picture of Gale and Kasumi together, with Kasumi wrapping her arms around him at the aquarium. Valerian noticed Gale, and though they never introduced themselves to each other, he found Gale familiar.

Valerian was silent, and Kasumi noticed his lack of words, so she asked, “what’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing.”

Kasumi casually put away her phone and continued to explore the aquarium. Provoked by Kasumi’s background photo in her phone, Valerian asked, ”want to take a picture with me, Kasumi?”

Kasumi hesitated for a moment but relented. Valerian was new to the city, and being too distant wasn’t polite. They got a stranger to take their photo, and the guy wanted them to close the distance between each other.

”Both of you are so shy! Such a beautiful couple and the distance between the both of you shouldn’t be there.”

Valerian drew closer and put her arms around Kasumi’s shoulder, but Kasumi pushed his arms away.

“Sorry, we aren’t that close.”

The photographer felt out of place, and Valerian gave a short sigh.

“Thanks! You can take a photo as is.”

The photograph turned out to be decent, and Kasumi was happy she didn’t look awkward. However, she showed no signs of wanting a copy of the photo, so Valerian knew it was futile to ask.

After the aquarium, Valerian stopped looking for places of interest and wanted to get camping supplies. Kasumi agreed, and they went to the camping store. They bought insect repellents, disposable toiletries, and everything they needed for camp. It dawned upon Valerian that they spent more time in the store than exploring the aquarium.


Evening came, and it was time for dinner. Valerian suggested a place that he found on the Internet, and it coincided to the dinner place that Gale brought Kasumi with Clere. Kasumi agreed and took a table within the restaurant.

Upon looking at the menu, Kasumi didn’t find what she was looking for, and she asked the waitress if their specials changed.

The waitress replied, “Yes, our specials are seasonal. The previous special you indicated was because it was the lobster season.

Today, it will be prime marbled beef.”

Valerian looked at Kasumi curiously. “Have you been here before?”


Valerian instinctively knew it was Kasumi’s love interest which brought her there, and he looked at the price of the specials.

”I wonder how students could afford the specials. The price is exorbitant.”

Kasumi cast a curious look at Valerian and wondered how he knew it was a student who brought her there. She wasn’t keen on hiding, so she played along.

“Indeed. He’s rich.”

Valerian couldn’t help but give a sly look. “That’s not how he should be spending his parents’ money, isn’t it?”

“He works hard and takes care of the household expenses by himself. He can well afford this kind of luxury.”

Kasumi smiled as she thought of Clere’s face when she found out that Gale drew one million a month for protecting her. Valerian was very curious about Gale as a result.

“…I’m surprised. That person you like sounds perfect.”

Kasumi spot something she preferred and then ordered her food without continuing that topic further. Valerian began asking other questions instead, and they enjoyed their dinner together in casual conversations.


The sky became dark, and Valerian ventured to walk Kasumi home. As the song of silence was playing between them, Valerian made a declaration to Kasumi.

“Since you’re still single, won’t you give me a chance? You’ve set up an invisible barrier around you today, and it was hard to break the ice if you don’t give me an opportunity.”

Kasumi replied plainly. “…You’ll still take your chances anyway even if I’m together with someone else.”

Kasumi words ran deep, and Valerian was both embarrassed and impressed. Kasumi then asked a question.

“Why me? There are many pretty teachers and instructors in Aelfsige Academy, and they look up to you.”

“You’re different in many ways, and I’m attracted to both your personality and looks.”

“…Anyone can say that. Anyway, I’m really not interested.”

Valerian then smiled to himself and responded.

“Then I shall persevere. I’m confident that I’m able to make you happy.”

Kasumi replied immediately. “…I’m not confident I can make you happy though. It’s not right for me to stop you from liking me, but I owe you nothing, and we will only be colleagues.”

Valerian took the chance to ask more about Kasumi’s love interest.

“What do you like about that guy?”

“…He’s playful and sometimes pure ridiculous. He broke the roof of my dojo because it was comical to him.

However, he’s dependable, unassuming, not a man-pleaser and somebody I can entrust my life with. I love him.”

Kasumi looked directly into Valerian’s eyes, and Valerian saw her beautiful sparkling eyes and became enamored by it. Her dedication to her love interest was admirable, and Valerian was both impressed and upset at the same time.

Valerian thought, “I want those eyes to shine for me one day, Kasumi.”

Breaking out of his thoughts, Valerian remarked. “I see… my love rival must be incredible. I should pull up my socks for this.”

“I don’t think I can find anyone quite like him, so I’ll suggest you give up and move on. It’s better for you.”

As they conversed and walked, Kasumi heard sounds of sobbing, and it came from the playground nearby. Valerian and Kasumi looked at each other, and they went into the stadium to check it out.

“Clere?! What’re you doing here? Why’re you crying?!”

Kasumi hurriedly approached Clere, and Clere broke out from her train of thoughts as she realized it was Kasumi before her.


Upon seeing Kasumi’s face, Clere bawled and hugged her tightly. Valerian didn’t know who Clere was, but he thought it might be a student, so he stood by quietly.

“What happened?!”

”I-It’s Gale! He couldn’t escape in time!”

Kasumi froze and thought something tragic happened to Gale. “Tell me more! Is there something I can do?!”

Clere looked up and saw Valerian standing at a corner. She wasn’t comfortable revealing secrets to strangers, so she tried to stop sobbing and calm herself.

”It’s fine. I’m alright now. Nothing much happened.”

Kasumi was anxious for Gale, and she held Clere’s hands tightly, but she realized why Clere was reluctant to explain more and then turned to Valerian.

”There’s no need to send me back. I’m going to accompany her, and we’re neighbors.”

Valerian sensed that he was not needed and bid goodnight before leaving promptly. As Clere held Kasumi’s hands tightly, she said. “Let’s talk in my house. I’m not sure how much Mom would allow me to reveal, so we need to speak to her.”

Kasumi nodded and grabbed Clere’s shoulders. As they walked, Kasumi prayed that nothing tragic happened to Gale.


Earlier in the day, it was buzzing in Gainsborough’s house. Jacinta helped Raine to pick out some clothes for the date, while Gale prepared breakfast for them.

Gale shouted to Raine to get ready. “You’re pretty as you are, Raine! Don’t go overboard with your outfit!”

“I-I’m not going overboard! We rarely have time to go out together privately, and I want to treasure every minute of it!”

Gale dressed well in smart casual clothes. He was somewhat slender, and he wore skinny jeans, a black jacket, and T-shirt within.

After a long while in her room with Jacinta, Raine finally emerged with a cute looking hat, overalls that showed her beautiful legs and a white T-shirt. Raine knew she was cute and not sexy yet, so she made sure she stood out in her cuteness.

Jacinta was wearing a lazy oversized shirt with shorts, and her bra straps were showing on one shoulder. Jacinta would be on par with Yumiko in sexiness. Jacinta caught Gale looking at her and pressed his nose lightly.

“I’m not your date today. If you want, schedule another day with me!”

Gale turned away to hide his blushing face, and Raine was pouting.

“Already flirting with other girls when we’re on a date?! I will grow up sexy, you hear?!”

“Yeah, sure. I don’t doubt that one bit, Raine. Eat your breakfast before it goes cold.”

The trio had their breakfast, and then Jacinta sent the siblings off the door.

“It’s my lazy Saturday today, so I won’t be going out. Call me before coming home so that I can get some food.”


Raine was feeling chirpy as both Gale, and she walked under the morning sun.

“What’re we going to do today, brother?”

“We haven’t roamed the city together, and the last time I did was with Kasumi and Clere. There are some boutiques for music and art which I think you will like, and I thought we should visit the trick eye museum while we’re at it.”

“Oh! Trick eye museum! Sounds fun!”

Gale and Sunny arrived at the heart of the city through the subway, and they began walking to their first destination. It was not long after when they heard someone calling them out.

“Gale! Gale! Over here!”

Gale pretended not to hear the voice and walked on, but Raine was puzzled.

“Brother, didn’t you hear? Someone is calling for you.”

“Oh, is it? I didn’t hear anything — ”

Yumiko ran and caught up to the siblings in a flash. She immediately stood in front of the siblings to stop them from walking further. “Fancy seeing you here! Are you two on a date?”

Raine looked at Yumiko, and the latter wore similar to Raine, but Yumiko’s legs were long and elegant. Yumiko’s breasts protruded from her top, and she oozed sexiness with her abs exposed. Raine was inwardly upset that Yumiko’s body curves were casting a shadow over her outfit.

Yumiko also carried her bow with her, and it puzzled Raine.

“Isn’t this Yumiko, one of the top ten beauties in Aelfsige Academy?! The boys in my class always ogle at her!”

Gale heaved a sigh and introduced Raine to Yumiko. “She’s my sister, Raine, and I’m bringing her out today.”

Yumiko replied. “How adorable! What a nice brother you are, and I’m relieved she’s only your sister!”

Raine didn’t like where this was going, and she looked at Gale with displeasure. Gale shrugged and replied. “Well, good to see you here. Have fun for the day!”

Yumiko wasn’t ready to let Gale leave yet. “I called you over because President Rei and Dylan are here too! We’re sitting at the cafe there.”

Gale and Raine turned and saw Rei waving at us. Dylan gave a crooked smile as he pretended to greet Gale. Gale heaved another sigh and said to Raine.

“Let’s go say hi before we head to the boutiques.”

As Yumiko, Gale, and Raine walked together, Gale asked, “is this a date between the president and Dylan because he won against Vesper?”

“Ah, yes. Rei asked me to come along, and Dylan didn’t mind me joining.

By the way, why didn’t you call? I gave you my personal number to reach me!”

Raine looked at Gale because he even had Yumiko’s number, and he sheepishly replied.

“Oh, I was busy. We’re preparing for a school camp which is coming up, so I was out shopping with my classmates.”

Yumiko pushed her shoulders into Gale’s chest and said, “call me sometime soon, okay?”


Rei stood up to shake Gale and Raine’s hand as they approached her table. Rei was on par with Yumiko regarding looks, where she wore a short skirt with a blouse and showing her bra straps. With her long beautiful red hair, ‘sexiness’ needed to be redefined again.

“I’m Rei. It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Gale shook Rei’s hand courteously. “Likewise. I thought I should drop by to say hi since you wanted to have tea with me.

However, I shouldn’t bother you with your date, and my sister and I are going to make a move.”

Dylan peered at Raine, and then looked at Gale.

“Is she your girl?”

Gale coldly replied. “My sister.”

“Your sister’s pretty cute. Just like Sunny.”

“You don’t have to tell me. Have fun.”

As Gale turned to walk away, Dylan took a glass bottle filled with orange juice and smashed it on Gale’s head. The juice dripped all over Gale, but Gale didn’t turn to face Dylan.

However, Raine was enraged. “What the hell are you doing?! How can you do this to my brother?”

“Oops, sorry, slip of my hand. It’s only an outing to bring your cute little sister around, and I wouldn’t have done that if you are out with a date.

Or perhaps, you can’t score a date for yourself?”

Raine was boiling mad when Dylan mocked Gale. “Why you — “

Gale stopped Raine with his hand and shook his head.

“We’re not friends. We’re enemies. He made Zeel and Sunny suffer. I’m only here to greet Rei since she was looking for me the other day.

Let’s get going Raine, and don’t let this spoil your day.”

Raine saw Gale’s stern look and relented. “…Okay, brother.”

Rei’s and Yumiko’s smiles vanished as Gale and Raine walked to leave the area. Rei got up and motioned Yumiko to follow Gale.

Dylan wasn’t having it. “Where are you going, Rei? Yumiko?! We barely started our date yet! I bought an exclusive VIP suite for the concert this evening!”

Rei courteously replied. “I promised you a date, but I didn’t promise how long it will be. I’m done, Dylan.”

Dylan was enraged, and he emitted an ominous aura from his energy.

“Don’t you dare humiliate me in front of Gale.”

Yumiko snickered in response. “And what can you do about it?”

Yumiko emitted her energy, and a white aura enveloped her. Her bow was like a staff, and she wasn’t afraid of using it in a public place.

Raine saw the hostility between the both of them and tugged Gale’s sleeves, but Gale continued walking away. The siblings turned into a corner, and Yumiko and Dylan were out of sight.

“Brother, they look like they’re going to fight. Aren’t you going to stop them?”

Gale patted Raine’s hand and replied. “These girls are individually stronger than Dylan. There’s no reason to worry about them.”

“Oh, I heard that. Shouldn’t a guy be defending a girl at times like these?”

Rei caught up with the siblings, and she left Yumiko to deal with Dylan. Gale took a glance at Rei before answering.

“That’s if the girl has a pulse or heartbeat.”

Rei’s expression froze momentarily, and she licked her lips as though Gale was candy.

“Interesting. How do you know?”

“I didn’t. I can’t hear what I didn’t hear.”

Gale could pick up footsteps, and even heartbeats if a person is near. Gale was puzzled when Yumiko came close to him, and her heartbeat couldn’t be heard, but judging her aura, he knew both Rei and Yumiko aren’t human.

Raine looked pretty confused as she didn’t know what Gale and Rei were talking about.

Rei asked Gale. “You’re still dripping with orange juice. Why don’t you wash up at my house? It’s around the area.”

“I shouldn’t bother you. We’re going to shop for clothes, and I’m going to get into a public shower.”

“C’mon, it’s my way of apology. I didn’t rein in my date, so it’s my fault.”

Gale was about to accept Rei’s invitation, but he paused for a moment as though he sensed something. Then he quickly asked another question.

“Instead of going to your house, could you protect my sister?”

Rei and Raine didn’t understand why did Gale say that, but moments later, a dozen assassins surrounded the trio.

Rei was angry and asked, “why are there assassins here in broad daylight?! Have they no shame?”

Gale turned away from Raine and Rei to focus on the enemies in front of him. “Dylan pinpointed my location to them. I should’ve have known when I spotted him at the cafe.

Raine, I’m sorry, but I’ll make it up to you with another date. Rei, could you leave with my sister and ensure her safety?”

One of the twelve assassins spoke up, “who said anyone could leave here? All three of you are coming with me until Gale coughs up Lucy’s location!”

At that moment, one of the assassins suddenly appeared beside Raine and attempted to lick her face. He was wearing a straw hat and had twin sickles as weapons.

However, Gale was much quicker and drove his fist into the assassin’s nose. He didn’t hold back his strength, so the assassin’s nose broke instantaneously, and he crashed into the wall behind him.

“H-Help! It’s burning!” The assassin whimpered as he grabbed his face in agony!

Gale’s fist was steaming with heat, and a fiery aura cloaked his right arm. His eyes became blood red, and the atmosphere rattled with his killing aura.

“I’ll end anyone’s life here who dares to touch my sister.”

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5 years ago

Oh yeah, no touching his sister… you will regret it^^
I still have a lot of things to comment about but it seems I am still lazy… thank you for the always good chapters!

5 years ago

Thanks for the chapter. Really liked especialy the last part. Though that Valerian guy was pissing me off, trying to flirt with her so much.