Schedule Release

  • by lemuel moo

I received requests about my schedule release dates, and I think the following table will describe it all:

DatePatreon - 'B' Class Assassin and AbovePatreon - Basic MembershipLemuelmoo.comOther Sites
May 11, 2019Chapter 48No Updates @ Chapter 47 - Mysterious AllureCharacter List PageNone
May 18. 2019Chapter 49No Updates @ Chapter 47 - Mysterious AllureChapter 37 - Awkward ArrangementsChapter 35 - The Strongest Person In The World
May 25 2019Chapter 50No Updates @ Chapter 47 - Mysterious AllureTBDNone
June 1. 2019Chapter 51No Updates @ Chapter 47 - Mysterious AllureChapter 38 - TransactionsChapter 36 - The Aftermath Of The City Plaza Battle
June 8. 2019Chapter 52No Updates @ Chapter 47 - Mysterious AllureTBDNone

Please read the membership tiers @ my Patreon page!

Patreon will have my priority regarding content since paying members should get priority. They don’t need to wait for glossary updates as well as it might get updated within the week.

For this site, I’m hoping to use alternate weeks to keep up with the glossary. I think it’s about high time so that I can keep track of what I have written in a nutshell, and provide an explanation for readers to understand difficult terms. However, this boils down to time, and if I can’t afford the time, I rather stick with the chapters.

Feel free to comment and ask about anything regarding the posts. If you’re a new reader, I have to approve your first comment, and the subsequent comments will not need further approval. This is to check for spam.

Lastly, I publish at other sites. I only feature the latest publish date in so if you intend to follow the story there or elsewhere, that’s what is going to happen. However, there are sites which I don’t update frequently. Thus, it’s better to follow the novel on my website for the latest chapters.

Let me know what do you think and I will see how I can improve to meet your reading needs.