Chapter 36 – The Aftermath Of The City Plaza Battle

  • by lemuel moo

Dylan arrived back to his apartment with Mr. Raul at night in a sullen mood. He threw himself to the sofa and gnashed his teeth.

“I can’t believe after we’ve caught Gale and poisoned him, he could break free from our clutches!”

Dinah saw that he was upset, and poured ice barley for her brother and Mr. Raul. Mr. Raul was calm about the aftermath of the City Plaza battle and Gale’s escape. He thanked Dinah gently for her service and asked her to sit with him to hear their conversation.

“Though we lost a lot of money and it was messy, the lynchpins were pleased over the operation overall,” Mr. Raul replied.

Dylan glared at Mr. Raul. “Are their standards so low? They lost several elite assassins, lost Gale when they had him, and all that money went down the drains!”

Mr. Raul leaned forward towards Dylan and calmly replied. “Our losses are heavy, no doubt. But we were against the strongest person in the world. That was to be expected.”

It was the first time that Dylan learned about the strongest person in the world. “What do you mean?”

“To save Gale, Agatha Sigrun was forced to use her Phoenix Arrow, and before our men were killed, we noticed the signal in the sky.

Fifteen years ago, whenever the skies glittered with a phoenix symbol, we knew we were in trouble. The strongest person in the world would come to their rescue, and it didn’t matter if it was the World Alliance, SPAW or whatever country you can name. That single woman would crush the army, rescue Agatha, and disappear.

A single woman won the ‘Hidden War’, and we called her ‘the Purple Phoenix’.

From what we’ve seen today, we know now that Gale is related to the Purple Phoenix. In future operations, we need to factor the presence of the Purple Phoenix in our calculations.”

Dylan mocked Mr. Raul’s explanation. “Give me a break! You mean nobody could deal with a single woman?!”

Mr. Raul continued. “You’re mocking because you’ve never seen the Purple Phoenix in action. She could stand in the middle of two armies and force a standstill, and she’s stronger than ten Lucy Adamas. The City Plaza battle pales in comparison to the wars which she fought in. Ramada Strider had a scar on his face because of her.

However, the Purple Phoenix disappeared after the Hidden War, and from that day, we saw occasional glimpses of her presence. Some of us thought she retired.”

Dylan knew Lucy Adamas was ridiculously strong, but he couldn’t imagine anyone who was at least ten times stronger than her. “Then, if this Purple Phoenix is related to Gale, what does that mean?”

“I’ve heard that the Purple Phoenix’s family was killed in the Hidden War, so we aren’t expecting Gale to be related to her by blood.

However, it’s not a far-fetched idea that Gale was selected by the Purple Phoenix to be her disciple. That would explain his monstrous strength at such a young age,” Mr. Raul answered.

Dylan went into deep thought, and Dinah interjected.

“Shouldn’t we leave the possibility of Gale being very important to Agatha, and that Agatha was simply using the Phoenix Arrow for his sake? Perhaps Gale has a secret which Agatha wants to protect, and it has nothing to do with the Purple Phoenix.”

Mr. Raul was surprised by Dinah’s explanation. “You’re so right, Dinah! That’s a considerable possibility too!

In any case, we can’t afford to dismiss Gale as a mere bodyguard to Clere. The other lynchpins had the same sentiments with me, and we’ll need to deal with him carefully.”

Dylan was even more angry that Gale could be someone important. “Why does Gale get all the luck?!”

Dinah retorted. “You mean you’re not happy with what you have now?!”

Dylan glared at Dinah but stopped because Mr. Raul was looking sternly at him. Dinah knew she had the upper hand, so she scolded Dylan.

“Mr. Raul bought you skills and techniques from the black market and the assassins guild. What does Gale have that you don’t?! Shouldn’t you be thankful instead?!”

Mr. Raul was immensely pleased that Dinah was speaking for him. It was words that he wanted to knock into Dylan for a long time, for he spent a whole fortune on Dylan to make him strong. Moreover, it was his sweetheart that stood up for him.

Dinah wasn’t genuinely doing it for Mr. Raul. She hoped Dylan would repent from the err of his ways and learned to be grateful. Moreover, she hoped Dylan wouldn’t keep finding trouble against Gale, Zeel, and Sunny.

Dylan scowled, got up from his seat and locked himself in his room. Dinah was being a typical sister again, and he wasn’t remorseful that he used her body to get what he wanted.

After Dylan was gone, Mr. Raul meekly spoke to Dinah. “T-That’s the reason why I can’t trust my syndicate to Dylan even though I care for him very much. I feel more comforted when you’re with me in my business, Dinah.”

Dinah replied coldly. “I just chimed in because I thought it was logical, that’s all.”

Mr. Raul then grabbed Dinah’s hands, and the latter struggled to pull her hands away.

“Haven’t you found it in your heart to forgive me for what I did to you? I know I was a terrible beast for forcing myself on you, but I’ve stopped that, removed my womanizing ways, and turned for the better!”

Dinah finally pulled away with all her strength. “That’s you, but what has that got to do with me?! All you think about is how you’ve improved, but you’re only doing it for yourself to get me.

I still don’t think you know what is true love, Mr. Raul.”

Dinah got up from her seat, took the cups to the kitchen and began to wash them. Mr. Raul’s heart longed for Dinah, for her dignity and maturity made her so alluring that he lost all taste for other women.

Mr. Raul refused to give up and try to be the man that Dinah wanted. However, he didn’t know that she already found him in Zeel.


“Rei, thanks for dropping my sister at Aunt Agatha’s house.”

“My pleasure, Gale. Raine couldn’t stop crying since this morning, so you’ve got to give her some choice words later.”

“I understand. I worried her immensely.”

“And don’t forget our blood covenant, your body belongs to me now.”

Gale had an uneasy feeling about the blood covenant which Rei made him make. He wasn’t familiar with magic, so he didn’t know what it entails.

Besides, it was not only with Rei. Yumiko said something about a blood covenant too.

However, Gale had no regrets because the City Plaza battle turned out to be a war. Had Rei not protected Raine, it could turn very badly for him.

Gale replied. “I-I understand but to be honest, I’m not sure what did I sign up for.”

Rei smirked. “All you’ve got to do is to submit your body to Yumiko and my hands, and enjoy the ride.”

Kasumi was looking at Gale while he was having a phone conversation, and all he could do was to smile sheepishly.

“Well, we’ll see how it goes when we come to it. Bye for now!“

As soon as Gale was done with his phone call, Kasumi asked Gale. “So Raine is safe in Aunt Agatha’s house now?”

“Yes. It was thanks to Rei and Yumiko for protecting her so that I can concentrate on my battle.”

Kasumi remarked. “That’s such a good coincidence. If it was me, I can’t imagine fighting so many enemies when I have to think about my brother.”

Gale nodded in reply as the black vans cruised along the highway. The vans were not stopping in front of Agatha’s house. Since Agatha’s owned the hill which her house was built on, there was a secret entrance which allowed agents to drive into so that they could avoid enemies who tried to follow them.

The vans entered a secret door by the side of the hill, and there was a large hangar within. Agatha and Clere were waiting as the vans pulled beside them.

As soon as Gale got out from the van, Clere leaped into Gale’s bosom in tears. Everyone stopped and looked at them, while Gale was trying to hide his embarrassed face.

“Hey Clere, I’m alright in one piece.”

“…You worried me to death.”

Aunt May and Clere rarely met because Clere wasn’t part of Agatha’s agents in the past. When she saw how Clere leaped forward to embrace Gale, she went to Agatha and asked.

“When did my boy become such a chick-magnet?”

Agatha returned a sly grin. “Stop lying, May! You know Gale has always been such a chick-magnet.”

“Hur hur. Gale is blessed with wonderful genes.”

Agatha went forward to give Gale a big hug.

“Welcome back, Gale! I’m sorry for putting you through so much trouble!”

“That’s fine, Aunt Agatha!”

“You must be hungry! Everyone is waiting for you at my house!”

Gale pondered before asking. “Everyone?”

After a brief welcome, the group took the elevator and reached Agatha’s house. Upon exiting the elevator, Agatha’s fireplace opened and revealed the living room.

Gale stepped out and saw everyone who was involved in the City Plaza battle. Jacinta, Reynard, Zeel, Sunny, and Raine cheered when they saw Gale. The only two missing were Rei and Yumiko, and Nancy, the nurse who helped to get information from Dinah, went to find her boyfriend.

Sunny and Raine wanted to rush up to Gale and hug him, but before they could do anything, Reynard beat them to it.

Reynard bawled as he spoke. “G-Gale! W-Why did you sacrifice yourself for me?!”

Everyone became silent, and it felt a little awkward for a moment since Reynard was a guy. Aunt May whispered to Agatha.

“My boy became a duck-magnet too?!”

Agatha laughed. “You’ll be surprised!”

Gale knew the emotional turmoil which Reynard experienced, so he didn’t push him away. “That’s what brothers do, Reynard. Right, Zeel?”

Zeel threw a fist bump at Gale in response and then pulled Reynard away from Gale.

“You betcha.

Alright, Reynard. You had your turn. Sunny and Raine have been crying their eyeballs out so let them have it.”

Reynard reluctantly pulled away and complained. “But it was so short.” A shiver flowed through Aunt May’s spine, and she whispered to Agatha. “How am I going to have children through Reynard?”

Agatha almost burst out laughing.

Gale embraced and hugged Sunny with his left arm, and Raine with his right arm.

Sunny whimpered. “Do you know how horrifying you looked when you vomited blood because of the poison?! I thought I was going to lose you for sure!”

Raine added on. “I really tried to call everyone that I could think of to help you!”

Gale hugged them tightly and apologized. “I’m sorry for worrying the both of you.”

Jacinta stayed at a distance and didn’t dare to move forward, but Agatha saw that, and she pulled Jacinta closer.

“Gale, this girl is the reason why I was able to respond quickly and get Zeel and Sunny to help you out.”

Gale was surprised because he didn’t know Jacinta was involved. “Oh really? I didn’t know that!”

Agatha knew Jacinta was feeling guilty because she was a spy from SPAW, but Jacinta never betrayed anyone, so Agatha didn’t see her as a threat. Agatha lightly pushed Jacinta forward to encourage her to embrace Gale.

Gale extended his arms and hugged Jacinta. The moment she saw Gale’s arms, Jacinta crashed into Gale’s bosom intensely with tears flowing on her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, Gale! I love you so much!”

All the girls froze at Jacinta’s sudden confession.

Jacinta dropped a kiss on Gale’s cheek and continued hugging tightly as though she reunited with her long-lost lover, and everyone realized Jacinta was in love with Gale. Kasumi was feeling uncomfortable because Jacinta looked like an idol and the latter didn’t seem like she was going to back down as a love rival.

Gale didn’t know what to do with Jacinta’s love confession as he continued to hug her. “Hey, I’m alright and in one piece! Don’t worry about it!”

In a short period, the girls in the room knew who their rivals were and their threat level. Aunt May whispered to Agatha.

“Before it all goes south, I better find a way to make Gale a royalty so that he can marry all of them.”

Agatha nodded emphatically.


It had been a long day for everyone, so Agatha prepared a sumptuous feast for Gale and the rest of them who were involved in the City Plaza battle. Everyone took the opportunity to enjoy the food and conversations as their emotions were put to rest from a roller-coaster ride.

Raine couldn’t help thinking about what Rei did in the morning with Gale, where Gale signed his name in blood on her palm. There were magic circles, and it glowed when Gale completed the transaction.

“Aunt Agatha, this morning when assassins surrounded Rei, Gale and I. Rei would only protect me if Gale signed a blood covenant with her. Her palms had magic circles, and Gale signed his name in blood.

Then the magic circle glowed, and Rei licked the blood. I don’t understand what it means, so do you know anything about it?”

Aunt May and Agatha froze immediately.

Agatha turned to Gale and asked him. “You signed a blood covenant?! With Rei?!”

Gale nodded in reply, and Aunt May then asked Agatha. “I know what does the blood covenant mean, but who is Rei?”

Agatha leaned forward and whispered into Aunt May’s ears, and her eyes immediately widen.

Aunt May remarked. “Gale, I wasn’t expecting children from you so quickly, but I must say you beat my expectations! Well done!”

Everyone was looking at Gale, and Gale was clueless.

“What children?! I have been fighting all day!”

Agatha attempted to satisfy everyone’s question. “May didn’t literally mean children immediately. She’s just referring to the fact that you have so much favor with girls, she’s expecting children very soon from you.”

Raine remarked. “Gale is still too young to be married! He’s only fifteen, and the marriageable age is eighteen!”

Aunt May blurted out. “But my dear Raine, it doesn’t work for royals. They get betrothed by thirteen or fourteen, and then they are married at fifteen.”

Agatha immediately tried to cover Aunt May’s mouth, but Raine asked. “But there isn’t a royal here! And what does the blood covenant mean?”

Agatha stared daggers at Aunt May, and the latter relented. Agatha explained. “Blood covenant is a ritual to signify a life-and-death relationship. In ancient times, people cut their wrists when they shake hands, and their blood flowed as one.

If there were two tribes and if they are in a blood covenant, when one of them was attacked, the other must fight together as though they were attacked themselves. That’s the kind of relationship they had.”

Raine then stuttered. “T-That sounds like m-marriage! Till death do us part?!”

Aunt May gave the face as though she was saying, “precisely!”

Agatha answered. “It depends on the incantation used for the magic circle. It could just be for protection and safety, where if one is threatened, the other will be alerted. It’s useful to form such covenants to alert each other from danger.”

Sunny remarked. “Let’s get Rei to teach us that incantation so that we can be alerted when Gale is in trouble!”

Everyone agreed, and Aunt Agatha was sweating profusely. Aunt May snickered and whispered to Agatha. “You’re on your own! Who told you to water down the magnitude of the blood covenant?”

Jacinta asked, “So what happens if one of the parties break the covenant.”

Without hesitation, Aunt May replied. “Instant death. The magic is tied to the heart, so your heart will be crushed the moment you break it.”

It was Gale’s turn to sweat profusely because he knew something was different when he signed the covenant, and when Yumiko sucked his blood.

Kasumi innocently replied. “That isn’t so bad, is it? Gale’s the type who will put his life on the line to save others, so that kind of a penalty will never happen to him.”

However, Agatha, Aunt May and Gale knew differently because they knew it wasn’t a covenant for protection. Yet no one knew what incantation did Rei used, so Gale made a mental note to find out more.

After supper, Agatha and Aunt May pulled Gale to a corner private to speak with him about the blood covenant.

Agatha exclaimed. “I can’t believe you did something so outrageous in such a short time!”

“C’mon, now! I was facing many enemies, and I had to make a choice for Raine’s protection!”

Agatha sighed. “Well, to be honest, you formed a covenant with a Vampire Princess.”

Gale was mind-blown over the revelation. “What?!”

Agatha continued. “Rei is not from Eretz. She’s from Dagda. Her family stayed in Eretz when the magical pathways to Dagda were destroyed.”

Gale didn’t expect that, and Aunt May patted on his back. “Don’t worry. I support inter-racial marriages.”

“T-That’s not the point!”

Agatha continued. “That’s going to be the point. Rei tasted your blood, didn’t she?”

Gale nodded in reply.

“Rei was a virgin vampire, which means she had not sucked any blood before until yours. For female virgin vampires, they must marry the person who gives them the first taste of their blood.”

Gale protested. “Why?!”

“It’s in their DNA! They remember the taste and the smell for the rest of their lives! Every other blood will taste inferior! Thus, they are one of the most faithful to marriages among species.

Its unthinkable for them if you refused to marry because they will never be able to forget you! They will become rogue vampires, or bind you in a master-slave covenant!”

Gale suddenly thought of something else. “Wait, Yumiko tasted my blood too!”

Agatha had her palm on her head. “You’re fated to create a harem, it seems.”

Aunt May interjected. “Do vampires have babies?”

“Yes. They give birth like normal humans. Contrary to popular belief, they have a heartbeat, but it’s ultrasound waves.”

Gale pondered for a while before asking. “So what’s the point of me signing on Rei’s palms then? There were magic circles, and it glowed when I signed it. But she licked up my blood too. What does all this mean?”

Agatha answered. “You need to ask Rei yourself. As I have explained earlier, different incantations are for different covenants. I doubt it’s going to be a simple protection covenant.”

Indeed, mulling over nothing wasn’t going to help. Gale thanked Agatha for her information before heading out to send Kasumi home.

Seizing the opportunity, Kasumi pulled Gale into her house to spend a few moments of private time. She leaned her body on Gale, and Gale could feel the suppleness of her voluptuous chests and her perfume.

Gale instinctively hugged Kasumi and gave her a passionate kiss. Their tongues collided and wrestled into ecstasy!

The private time they spend flew quickly, and Kasumi leaned onto Gale’s chest for comfort. “…It’s not fair. Why are you so popular with girls?”

“…I don’t know, but my eyes are only on you, Kasumi.”

Kasumi rewarded Gale for his answer with a sweet kiss. “Your body is mine, Gale.”

Kasumi was the third person who said that to Gale that day, and a myriad of thoughts flooded his mind.

Gale hugged Kasumi tightly before saying, “I need to go now. Raine and Aunt May are waiting for me to bring them home.”

Kasumi gave a departing kiss before letting go. “Go, and I will ask Rei about the blood covenant so that we can share a common bond together.”

Gale didn’t know how to respond to that, but he nodded.

Kasumi waved Gale goodbye, and Hideki witnessed the whole exchange by hiding behind the stairs in the house.

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5 years ago

Nice thinking, Aunt May
So royalty can have a harem? Polygamy is allowed?
Or something else?
And Hideki witnessed some shit…
They knew he was there, no?
TY for the chap.(*’▽’*)

5 years ago
Reply to  lemuel moo

Bruh, they failed being assassins…
That’s what will happen if you’re in love XD