• by lemuel moo

I’m just an aspiring author who desired to create his own world.

This is why I created “My Bodyguard Can’t Fight Girls”, which is a wuxia, fantasy and sci-fi web serial with harem elements.

Release Schedule

At this moment my release schedule is once every 2 weeks on Saturdays (ET).

Occasionally I release an extra chapter on holidays because I have more time to write.

I publish on a few writing platforms to garner interest and feedback, so you might come across them. I’m working towards publishing 1 extra chapter here, ahead of other novel platforms, and at my Patreon page, I will publish 2 chapters ahead. It will take some time before I can get it going though, as this site is relatively new.

My To-Do List

In no particular priority or order:

  • Setup an automated release-schedule here
  • Setup a calendar to indicate release dates
  • Connect this site with my Patreon
  • Finish up character pages
  • Create a glossary of terms and skills
  • Meta tagging for SEO and social media
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