Dec 2019 Updates! For 2019 and beyond!

  • by lemuel moo

There’s a season where flowers wilt, and there’s a season where they bloom again.

As the year ends, the flowers of new beginnings await us. It’s about time to project what I’m going to do for the upcoming year.

Look forward to more chapters and content ahead in Patreon.

I’ve been blessed because someone decided to become a patron.

Let’s lay some foundations here. I’m not in need of money. I’m doing well financially, working in a day job*, and content-creation is the only avenue where I get to express creativity. Otherwise, all I do is to crunch numbers daily.

It’s really not about the money. Value is determined by how much you’re willing to give up. I use Patreon to benchmark the quality of my writing and service. Otherwise, I can’t tell if people came to my content because they hit the wrong button, or because they enjoy my writing.

Of course, many of you commented on my website and my publishing platforms to encourage me. I appreciate that tremendously. It certainly gives substance to what I’m doing and pushes me to improve.

Yet, I’m a firm believer of what value is. I personally feel that I need to give my patrons a bigger benefits to show my appreciation and to improve my services to them.

With that, I will be publishing several chapters ahead in Patreon (I haven’t decided on a number yet, but at least at 4 chapters), as well as building a glossary system for the story. On a side note at this point of writing, I’m at chapter 41.

For all other publishing platforms (this website or Royal Road or whatever), I will stick to publishing twice a week. As usual, is going to have a chapter ahead over all the rest of the publishing platforms, so drop by here for the latest updates.

Patrons will get first-looks on what I’m up to, so the glossary’s content will first be shown to Patrons before it is published here. However, the glossary will be made public eventually since it’s a glossary. Withholding reference materials ain’t smart since I want fresh readers to understand.

If time allows, I’ll furnish the website and make it more *ahem* appealing.

The website is incomplete. I was working on it half-way when suddenly my boss wanted me to do a major project. Writing and providing a glossary are still the priorities, so I’ll reserve this when I have free time.

(Shameless plug: Well, if I become a full-time writer with Patreon, it will be a different story. Heh heh.)

Last but not least, I will open up more communication channels if needed.

I love comments. Give me more feedback. Not only in terms of the story but also a wishlist of how this website can provide a satisfying service to you.

That said, I don’t know if the comments system here on this website (and Patreon) work for you. If you feel inhibited from communication, please sound it off in the comments below.

Discord, Twitter, message boards or whatever. You name it, and I will consider.

What else?

I will be visiting family and flying for 25 hours (yikes!) during the Christmas holidays. As I’m already in Chapter 41 at this point of writing, I have more than enough content for Patreon and this website.

That’s where technology strikes. All new content will be put on a schedule, and you should expect no delays. I’ll still be around for comments or random posts, so don’t count me out.

As this season ends, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. I pray that all of you will have a wonderful season ahead of you.

*p.s. My day job isn’t that big of a secret, but I don’t feel comfortable broadcasting it to the public. I only mentioned it in one of my posts for my patrons.

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