Nov 2019 Updates

  • by lemuel moo

Time has flown like a wind and I can’t believe we’re going to celebrate Christmas in a couple of weeks.

I’m trying to have a blog post about the coming month so that you can look forward to what’s going to happen next.

Chapter 24 is pivotal because it was the first time another world was revealed. It marks a new dimension where Clere finally understands her role and embraces her new challenges.

Eretz is exactly like earth, but I refrained from using actual continents or countries’ names because I want to keep that world separate from our reality. It’s kind of hard to talk about royalty when democracy is the main form of government in our world.

Instead, Eretz is an alternate world which resembles earth.

What about Dagda? Let’s not jump too far and allow the story to unravel.

Are we going to traverse worlds? Possibly, but its eons away. I’ve been refining my story-telling as I write, and I’m trying to go deep instead of wide. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Why are we looking at different worlds though?

I’ve watched many animes and read light novels about isekai (different worlds), and many times its about a protagonist learning to adjust to a new world beyond themselves.

Authors of this genre usually takes two paths. A super-powered protagonist, or a rag-to-riches approach.

I’ve always wanted something more organic in terms of transition between a current world and a different world. If there are extraterrestrials out there, the governments in our world would know it first before the common people do, and that’s the backdrop I’m going for in my novel.

We’ll see how it goes from there.

Thanks for supporting my novel, and I really like people to comment. Ask me anything, and if I can answer, I will answer. (No, I’m not revealing the ending of the story.)

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