Assassin Ranking System (ARS) Glossary Topic is out in Patreon!

  • by lemuel moo

What’s happening here?

We will discuss how the World Alliance came up with the Assassin Ranking System (ARS) in Patreon. This includes why the ARS is created, and how are assassins are categorized.

As the story progresses, I will also indicate the characters’ rank within the ARS glossary page. Spoilers will not be included though.

Why am I doing this? As mentioned in my previous post, I will begin enriching the story with a glossary.

These glossary topics will eventually be listed here, but you’ll have to wait because I have to build and integrate a glossary before posting any topic.

There’s a caveat too.

Glossary topics are updated accordingly to the story. As Patreon users are ahead in chapters, they will have more content than public readers to avoid spoilers.

I’ll definitely get a glossary out soon enough because I want fresh readers not to be confused on essential terms. I’m hoping by the end of January we can have something up, or even earlier. Fingers crossed.

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