Tempus Fugit. It’s Already Feb!

  • by lemuel moo

Can somebody invent a clock that will stop time?

To all my readers, I hope everything is well with you.

In Patreon, we are five chapters away from the end of Volume 2. Here in this site, we’re halfway into Volume 2. It’s been a wild and fun ride writing so much.

I’m unraveling more characters and going deep-dive into building depth into the story. I’ve been covering a lot of grounds as Clere and Gale have been running all over the place, but I want to get into the characters like the Zackloft siblings, and others.

Feel free to talk to me about the chapters or the characters. I’m hoping to communicate more with you and to look at feedback in my writing.

I have written more than 50 chapters in a multiple of times. What you’re reading now is version 5. So I’ve probably written close to a couple of hundred chapters, each about 3000 words. I can’t believe I wrote that many words when I started writing. Not to mention there were a million other options explored and not revealed.

I really need to get the glossary section up so that I can look back and not mess up in my story. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, famously forgot characters (Launch), tails for Saiyans (Gohan had a tail when he was born, but Goten didn’t have a tail). On an interview (http://www.kanzenshuu.com/translations/v-jump-may-2013-akira-toriyama-special-interview/), even SSJ2 was forgotten!

Before I forget, I will try writing it all down on a glossary.

I’ll try to fit it all in Patreon first because the chapters are ahead. For this site, I need to trim it down to fit the storyline here.

Sadly, I can’t really fit in time for the glossary this month. My folks are flying half the globe to my place for holidays and I will spend some time with them. I can only commit to the regular weekly schedules.

But for March, it’s something to really look into as I want my story to grow. Hopefully, this post will be a reminder of what I should be doing next month.

Till the next update, happy reading!

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