March 2019 Updates

  • by lemuel moo

It’s now March and the time for updates are here.

Sorry for accidentally missing the March 9th update. Everything was updated on Patreon but I forgot about updating it here.

I’m moving towards glossary and character updates for Clere Sigrun and Gale Gainsborough. It’s not going to be exclusive in Patreon, but I prioritize my patrons first.

Eventually, the character pages are going to be shown here. It’s going to take time as I take stock over all the skills, abilities and every character to create my own treasure trove of information. Bear with me on this.

And hopefully, we’ll be able to use these to promote the story.

I have updated the scheduled release page for the month and the stories should update automatically into April. For the glossaries and other stuff, it will be updated between each chapter release. We should be able to have a good run of updates for this month.

Stay healthy and happy reading!

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