Chapter 10 Afterword And Schedule Updates

  • by lemuel moo

“Afterword” section is usually reserved for books, but I think a blog post might suffice.

The first 10 chapters was a huge success in my personal estimation. I have published in mostly in Royalroad (for raws), and (edited versions) and I am thankful that there are many comments expressing enthusiasm for my series.

After publishing 11 chapters of my web series, I was suddenly hit with a lot of office work and I didn’t have the capacity to publish anything new. I have stacked up my chapters, but I usually edit before I publish every time for a final check. Missing that final edit deflated my capacity to publish, and that’s why I was late.

Not able to do that and missed my schedule was a deep regret. I had someone in Discord chiding me about it.

I will try to keep up to date and publish as consistently as I can. Let me know if I need to set up a Twitter account or something so that I can inform you if I was going to miss a schedule or not.

What’s happening from Chapter 11 onwards?

Chapter 1 to 10 was an introduction to the characters of the novel. I didn’t want to get too technical with skill and magic systems, or wuxia and martial arts without going into the personalities of the main and side characters.

However, combat systems are a major component of the series, so I have reserved that moving forward. If you noticed, I switched from Clere’s 1st person perspective into a 3rd person’s perspective from chapter 11 onwards.

Why did I go into chapter 11 with a 3rd person perspective instead of Clere’s perspective?

I did write a version up to chapter 20 in Clere’s perspective. However, Clere isn’t omniscient and having her describe battle scenes was too much. It would make her a walking encyclopedia if I were to describe skills and techniques in detail through her lens.

I had to transit into 3rd perspective at some point because Clere isn’t all about fighting. She may read a lot and she knows a lot more than the average joe, but in her heart, she’s just a teenager who wants friends and wants to be loved. After revising the story over and over, I pushed the 3rd person narration forward to chapter 11.

More characters will be revealed in due time, but technical details and Gale’s mysteriousness will slowly unveil itself as the story progresses. We have reached a major turning point and things are going to get feisty.

Schedule Updates

Patreon is at Chapter 14, is on Chapter 13 and Royalroad is on Chapter 12. Thus, on August 25th, 2018:

  • Chapter 14 will be posted on
  • Chapter 13 will be posted on Royal Road

Human-edited versions are going to be slow, since I am still assessing new editors from Once we’re ready, I’ll let you know.

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