Publishing More Than I Should

  • by lemuel moo

20 chapters per volume.

That’s how I have been structuring the novel thus far. I don’t think it’s a gold standard or anything, but it’s for me to make sure I limit the number of words and not go into verbal diarrhea.

Guess what, I’m on volume 3, chapter 2. And I’ve still at volume 1 on this site and all other platforms.

I am all for keeping a schedule, but I’m going publish extra chapters randomly at the same time to keep up with my writing. I can’t promise more than 1 chapter per week even though I’m more than 20 chapters ahead since there are weeks where I can’t write, and I need the buffer.

Hence do check back regularly on this site to see if I have published new chapters. Sat afternoon will still be the release schedule for the novel.

Comments Please

I have many comments on my other platforms, but in my site, it’s far and few between. Feel free to chat with me about anything, and I will reply. It may take an approval process to prevent spam, but I will usually post your comments, even if you’re negative about what you read.

No worries. I ain’t gonna please everyone in my writing.

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