May Updates 2019 & Delaying Weekly Updates

  • by lemuel moo

It’s May 2019 already!

It’s all about the summer, and it has been sweating hot these days. Can’t believe winter will be coming soon in 6 months.

So I’m delaying weekly updates for a specific reason. That’s to get ‘B’ Class Assassins and above to be 20 chapters ahead of my public release.

There was an incident which piqued my interest. A patron subscribed for USD 1 and read about 10 chapters ahead, and then he/she canceled the membership. I realized it’s unfair when one of my supporters was contributing for several months at USD 3 per month.

Seeing the discrepancy, tiers below the ‘B’ Class Assassin (USD 3 per month) will get a complimentary 5 chapters ahead, and ‘B’ Class Assassins and above will get at least 20 chapters ahead.  This will distinguish between the tiers and reward my supporters for being there for so long.

Thus, I rewrote the schedule page to include the basic memberships, and at this juncture, it is frozen at Chapter 47 – Mysterious Allure in Patreon until the public release catches up.

So if you want to get ahead to Chapter 47, you can only do so for a limited period if you support at less than USD 3.

Meanwhile, I’ll add more character updates and populate the glossary pages for the off-weeks. Look out for the character list coming up this Sat (05/08/2019).

I’m going to reveal the commissioned art for the ‘B’ Class Assassins and above for Sunny and Zeel Zackloft this month, and I’ve commissioned my artist to draw Satori Nakano and Aunt May. I’m looking forward to more updates coming up!

That’s all about the updates for this month. I’m glad for the comments, and I look forward to sharing more content in the coming weeks!

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