Lost Momentum After Hurricane Dorian

  • by lemuel moo

I have been keeping up with Patreon in my latest chapters, but not so much here because I forgot to schedule the posts in advance.

Let me keep this up moving forward. This isn’t because I’m trying to get people to subscribe to Patreon, but because back then I was preparing for emergency supplies and all that kind of stuff. I live in Florida currently, and this is almost a yearly affair. The chapters had to wait until I got all my stuff sorted out.

The Patreon chapters had to be up first since there are folks who supported me in this journey, so that was the only avenue which I could manage.

But now the situation has improved, I should be ready to post more updates regularly.

My dad is doing fine at the moment. 70% of his tumor was successfully removed, and now he’s going through treatment to get the rest out of the way.

Thanks for all the support, and perhaps I can start a forum or something to keep up with updates here? Let me know in the comments so that I can arrange something here.

As always, happy reading!

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