Happy Independence Day And A Ton Of Updates!

  • by lemuel moo

Happy Independence Day!

Last year, I was at Disney Land with a friend and the fireworks at the Magical Kingdom were beautiful! This year, I wanted to travel less and so I spent more time writing instead.

We have a ton of updates!

  • As you can see, the site is live!
  • I post 1 chapter ahead in my site versus all of my other platforms (RoyalRoad, webnovel.com)
  • Patreon is 2 chapters ahead!
    • If you desire to support my work or be ahead in updates than Patreon is the way to go!
  • I have been rewriting my old chapters because:
    • I have a human editor! Thank you, Daedalus (Emelia-Tan)!
    • My illustrations inspired some of the new edits. This is particularly evident in Clere’s weapon of choice and I shall not spoil it for you.

What can you expect on this site?

  • Artwork promotions
  • Character profiles
  • Glossary of terms
  • Other items are documented in the ‘About’ page

At this point, the sky is the limit in terms of upgrades and improving the quality of your reading experience with a customized site. I’m looking forward to post more updates very soon!

Meanwhile, let’s plot out the next few release updates (based on this site):

I might do a monthly release schedule review for consistency.

Feel free to converse with me through the commenting system, and as always, happy reading!


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