Kasumi Mizushima

  • by lemuel moo
The image above is commissioned art.

Kasumi Mizushima is the sister of Hideki Mizushima, and she is also the childhood friends of both Athena and Clere Sigrun. Kasumi belongs to a reputable family of swordsmen, and she returned to her hometown to teach in Aelfsige Academy as well as start a school to teach sword techniques.


Kasumi is voluptuous, sexy and gorgeous. If she was a student in Aelfsige Academy, she would be one of the all-time top three beauties’ list. She has long black hair and slight bangs on her fringe.


Kasumi is dynamic, spontaneous and sporty. She has good relations with almost everyone and men are drawn by her personality. However, she doesn’t believe that her personality is attractive and would often think that men were trying to impress her for her looks.

Kasumi is drawn to Gale for his unassuming, down-to-earth personality when they participated in the same mission. Although Gale was younger than her, Kasumi realized Gale was someone special, and she made her moves early to capture his heart.


Kasumi is well-versed with swords because of her family upbringing. She also has a few tricks up her sleeves because of her involvement in covert operations, where she would pick up skills by observing others in her team.

Mystic Arts

Using hand seals, Kasumi could shroud herself with a fog. First seen in Chapter 6.

Kasumi could create clones of herself and each clone could act independently. First seen in Chapter 6.

Martial Arts

Mizushima Sword Techniques: It is a set of techniques from the Mizushima family.

  • Mizushima Waterfall Slash – A uppercut slash that released a long distance attack from the blade. It compresses energy from the user into the sword, and upon release, an energy projectile is released. First seen in Chapter 6.
  • Thousand Waves Of Fury – A barrage of high-speed slashes at a single focal target that resembled a tsunami crashing upon the land.
  • Mizushima Jet Stream – A split-second forward-lunging horizontal slash. Speed with accuracy is its strength.
  • Million Rain Drops – A barrage of precision thrusting from the katana, and it shoots out thin streams of sword energy from the tip of the blade.
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5 years ago

Yay! I was waiting for this art.

5 years ago
Reply to  lemuel moo

Really good.