Hideki Mizushima

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The image above is commissioned art.

Hideki Mizushima is the childhood friend of Clere Sigrun and Athena Sigrun, and he is also the younger brother of Kasumi Mizushima. Hideki belongs to a reputable family of swordsmen, and he returned to study in Aelfsige Academy after leaving his hometown for five years.


Hideki is handsome and stout. With short hair and manly features, Hideki is regarded as one of the most handsome in Aelfsige Academy by girls.


Hideki is a ladies’ man. He is very gentlemanly and doesn’t hesitate to go out of his way to help a girl. However, because he has a problem of saying ‘no’ to girls, there is always a constant struggle between girls to win his favor.

Hideki can be kind and thoughtful to others around him. This is shown when he tried to help Gale in his bodyguard assignment when the latter was hurt.


Hideki is well-versed with swords because of his family upbringing.

Martial Arts

Mizushima Sword Techniques: It is a set of techniques from the Mizushima family.

  • Mizushima Waterfall Slash – A uppercut slash that released a long distance attack from the blade. It compresses energy from the user into the sword, and upon release, an energy projectile is released. First seen in Chapter 2.
  • Thousand Waves Of Fury – A barrage of high-speed slashes at a single focal target that resembled a tsunami crashing upon the land. First seen in Chapter 2.
  • Mizushima Jet Stream – A split-second forward-lunging horizontal slash. Speed with accuracy is its strength. First seen in Chapter 27.
  • Million Rain Drops – A barrage of precision thrusting from the katana, and it shoots out thin streams of sword energy from the tip of the blade. First seen in Chapter 27.

Bio Enhancements

Hideki accepted the help of SPAW and the MAPR to increase his combat prowess using serums.

Basic Soldier Serum Level 1: A basic strengthening drug which boosts physical strength by 1.5 times and energy by 2 folds. First seen in Chapter 25.

Basic Soldier Plus: A booster to improve the Basic Soldier Serum Level 1 effects. First seen in Chapter 25.

Basic Power Serum Level 1: A drug which boosts power. Detailed effects are unknown. First seen in Chapter 25.

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